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Good Deeds at scale

Our unique system enables us to do good deeds and humanitarian interventions as a commercial enterprise. And it gets bigger every month. More Good Deeds. Bigger Good Deeds.

Good Deeds

67./ I saw a really nice Good Deed happening.

There was a chap begging outside Sainsbury’s, and a man and his young son, ...

Good Deeds

66./ Let’s make a friend feel loved!

One of my closest friends has had one tough week!!!We arranged to meet up ...

Good Deeds

65./ Paid a library fine.

I was in the library, decided on a book about Alan Turning, after having watched ...

Good Deeds

64./ Every lad should have a Scalextric says the nostalgia in my head.

I’m probably not wrong though. I remember having Scalextric, building tracks around my bedroom, ...

Good Deeds

63./ My spontaneous good deed.

Was in a local charity shop this week buying an outfit I’d seen in ...

Good Deeds

62./ I saved a life.

My girlfriend phoned me as I was cycling through the park. I got off my ...

Good Deeds

61./ She saved a guy from getting allergic food poisoning!

I was behind a guy at the canteen at the University, he couldn’t eat ...

Good Deeds

60./ The kind beef burger

It was last weekend, the sun had been shining and everyone was cooking BBQ suppers. ...

Good Deeds

58./ I saved a life.

I was driving to Leeds and one the other side of the road was a ...

Good Deeds

57./ Costa Coffee were kind to a couple of rough sleepers.

Driving through Broomhill in Sheffield I saw couple of rough sleepers, huddled in sleeping bags, ...

Good Deeds

56./ A hot chocolate, and a door to another life.

I’m in Leeds, coming from a meeting, looking for a good deed to do ...

Good Deeds

55./ Cleaning up the city.

Grafitti tagging removal. Taggers try to claim some sort of perceived ownership of a space. ...

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