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79./ One incredible lady and one missed bus

By Lu-does-good | 25 September 19 11:29am | Good Deeds

Was waiting for the bus near my house and saw a very elderly gent sat on the park bench. He didn’t look too well. Next comes his wife who is equally elderly herself. I watched her lift up her husband and get him into his wheelchair and begin to push him across the road. She started to struggle and wasn’t able to get his chair up the pavement off the road. I went over to help her- it was so heavy. I honestly do not know how this little lady managed to even get him in the chair by herself. We eventually between us got his chair up onto the pavement just as a stupid car sped so fast down our road right where she had been really struggling. I then helped her push him down to their house and to their front door. Scary to think that if they had still been on that road when that inconsiderate car sped by there could of been a serious accident!! I missed my bus but to be honest what’s missing a bus for 10 minutes compared to what could’ve happened to those elderly people.

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Bird Lovegod on 25th September 2019 11:30:41

Very kind indeed, bless you Lu :) ?

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