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77./ Reunited a dog with her owner

By KatiePendray | 12 September 19 05:15pm | Good Deeds

I pulled up outside my house the other evening and a little dog appeared out of a nearby passageway and was nervously sniffing around and shaking. I picked it up and comforted it for 20 minutes or so wondering what to do and where its owner was. I put it down and thought I’d let it sniff around and maybe find its way home. It disappeared behind a wall. Then a lady drove past in her car and said “You haven’t by any chance seen a little dog have you? I’m worried sick.” I was like I have!! And we went and reunited the little dog (Lola) with her mama. Both mum and dog were very happy. Turns out Lola has a traffic phobia so her owner was petrified when she disappeared that she would be startled and not come home. Happy ending and I got dog cuddles.

EDITOR SAYS>>> How totally wonderful!!! It’s lovely you did that Katie! And what a silly sausage that dog was for trotting off without its person! What a pug!

And because this is the first good deed you’ve posted Katie, we’re not giving £3 to Snowdrop… we’re giving £10!

Nice dog photo by Patrick Hendry, not the pooch in the story.

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Bird Lovegod on 12th September 2019 17:16:18

Super good deed Katie :)

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