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81./ From Venice (Italy) to Stroud (UK) for refugees.

By PeterCostello | 30 September 19 12:55pm | Good Deeds

I’m cycling from Venice to Stroud to raise money for the British Red Cross charity. They aim to provide food, shelter and protection to refugees throughout Europe, reunite separated families, and prevent the exploitation of those already forced from their homes. I’ve been cycling and camping for about 2 weeks now and i’m almost at the border to France. So far, the lovely and generous donators have amassed over £500 worth of donations, and i’m hoping this will continue to grow as i cross through France. There’s been sun burn & stormy nights (in a tiny tent), dust & dirt in eyes and mouth, and countless mosquito bites, but i’ve also been the recipient of a huge amount of love and help from strangers throughout my journey. If you can afford it, even just a small amount please donate below, it could make a huge difference for someone who has very little. Many thanks!


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Bird Lovegod on 30th September 2019 13:00:38

Blessings on your journey Peter!

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