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The only blind wood turner in the UK is amazing!

By bird_lovegod | 3 July 19 12:32pm | News and Views

Just spoke to a brilliant charity called Speed of Sight, and they mentioned a chap called Chris. A wood turner. Who’s blind. Here’s a quote from his website which you have to visit!

Hi, I’m Chris, also known as the Blind Wood Turner. I started out in life as a regular guy, working in auto body repair at BMW, until one day, completely out of the blue, a rare condition (Toxoplasmosis) reared its ugly head and caused me to lose my sight in a matter of weeks. As you can imagine, this was completely life altering and a massive change to come to terms with. In many respects, dealing with becoming blind was like starting anew, having to learn and teach myself how to do the basics all over again, as well as dealing with the onslaught of anxiety, hallucinations and muscle spasms that often accompany the loss of sight.

Turning it for Good.

The shop he has online includes a T shirt that made me laugh out loud. “Can’t see the wood or the trees”. You know this man is from Yorkshire. Just spent twenty minutes on the phone with him… He’s got his accreditation next week, if he passes he’ll be the one and only blind Master Woodturner ever. What a legend.

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