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Hand Made, not Handmaid! Who knew! The Hand Made parade in Hebdon Bridge was fantastic!

By bird_lovegod | 3 July 19 10:21am | News and Views

When my girlfriend asked me if I’d like to wave a flag in the hand made parade, I thought it was going to be a handmaid parade with everyone in red cowls and and I thought no thanks.

Thankfully google provided a more accurate picture, a parade of costumed folk, everything made by hand.

And the sun shone, and the costumes and puppets and everything was brilliant, and I did get to walk and wave a flag, and found a paper bird, which I tweeted at people, and some of them probably even thought it was the best thing in the whole parade.

Not a red cowl or handmaid in sight.

I expect they were indoors washing clothes and stuff.

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