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Great News! Regarding Fyre Festival Fraud…

By bird_lovegod | 21 January 19 08:21pm | News and Views

If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary on Fyre Festival … you should get a bowl of popcorn and sit right down to it.

Several things stuck out.

1./ This entire ‘festival’ was doomed from the start. Obviously.

2./ The festival itself was ‘only’ a promotional event for an app !!! I mean think about that… the most impossible to organise festival event on earth ever was a promotional event for an app! Talk about project creep! When one thing suddenly spins into another! It was meant to be an app! LOL!

3./ Only in days of Instagram could this ever have happened.

4./ The ‘attendees’ had some properly unhelpful attitudes… The event should’ve left them there for a month to see what they would’ve done to each other. Even for one day they were hoarding supplies, destroying tents so they wouldn’t have ‘neighbours’… It would be very interesting to have left them there to cannibalise themselves.

5./ I felt really sorry for the locals, especially the lady who ran the restaurant and lost $50,000 of her own money and had to deal with her community following the total failure of all the organisers…BUT….

…GREAT NEWS! And this is why the internet is cool … loads of other people also felt bad for her, and the Crowdfunding Page has now hit …. around $130,000 and counting !

The person behind the festival is sat doing 6 years for fraud.

I think it’s all fair.

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