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Unpaid digger driver smashes up Travel Lodge. GoFundMe page to support him now trending.

By bird_lovegod | 22 January 19 02:39pm | News and Views

A Liverpool Travel Lodge received an unwelcome guest yesterday in the form of a mini digger and upset driver. The chap hadn’t been paid for his work and obviously felt frustrated and ripped off.

I’d like to make a complaint please…

This non payment of wages is a not uncommon thing in the construction sector. Contractors and sub contractors and self employed trades can all suffer from a company in the supply line failing.

We feel for the chap, an honest man doing honest work expects honest pay. But to drive a digger into the hotel foyer and rip the place up!

As is sometimes the case with the internet, the video went a bit viral, then someone created a GoFundMe campaign for the driver, and now that’s trending as well. Certainly more than the £600 in lost wages. Certainly less than the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage.

Ah well. That’s modern life.

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