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MOD donating ration packs to charities.

By ethicalmuch_admin | 21 January 19 06:29pm | News and Views

The Ministry of Defence has announced it will be donating thousands of ration packs to UK charities. That’s rather nice of them. I’ve always thought the Armed Forces should get more involved in humanitarian work. I mean, they’re fit, healthy, strong, organised, trustworthy and logistically provided for. If I was PM I’d have them in charge of Young Offenders, getting them doing social works, drilling some discipline and respect into them, and setting them an example. As a generalised group Young Offenders have pretty much no respect for any authority or authorities, but I reckon the armed forces would be the exception to this.

How did I go from ration packs to young offenders..?

My point is that the Forces spend a great deal of time training, and it seem to me they would benefit, and society would benefit, if they were put in charge or more good works in communities. Plus it would help the soldiers themselves, to be still part of communities, rather than a seemingly very separate group, which they often find it hard to re integrate from when they leave.

Cool image by Chris Geirman on Unsplash

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