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19./ …With loads of sugar mate…

By bird_lovegod | 5 February 19 03:03pm | Good Deeds

I was cycling through town, feeling happy actually, pondering forgiveness and the peace it brings. I saw a chap sitting on the floor, huddling by the warm air vent coming from the spa of a hotel.

Hot drink mate?

Latte please … loads of sugar.

I pop into Starbucks and place the order. “What’s the name?’, the girl asks. I pause, blank. ‘Is it for a homeless person?’ Yeah… She writes Have a Good Day on the cup.

I buy a big gold coin to go with it. Chocolate one.

The people working in Starbucks are lovely, I chat to Dan, he says it’s ok to use the photo I took, and I tell him about EM.

I give the hot latte to the guy on their pavement, and ask him his name. He responds with his fore and surname, and I’m reminded of a child, or a prisoner, or someone who’s used to identifying themselves to authority.

He reminds me I forgot the sugar.

I get him a handful of sachets and wish him well.

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