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18./ Good Deed art purchase. Moves my heart.

By bird_lovegod | 28 January 19 04:23pm | Good Deeds

Cycling through Sheffield City Centre after meeting with the CEO of a super successful tech company, I come across a lady sitting on the street, selling drawings.

She looks in her forties I guess, same as me, same as the CEO I just left.

I ride past, then stop, check my wallet for a fiver. I don’t have one, only a tenner. I ask in a newsagent for change .. they don’t have any… I bike back to the lady, I’ll have a look and see how much they cost.

She’s sporting a black eye, her left one, all swollen and bruised. ‘I fell down, she explains, just over there, when I was on spice.’

Most of her drawings are of her dog, there’s a few portraits as well. I like this one though.

Mary and Jesus, the lamb of God, that takes away the sins of the World. ASAP please Lord.

She has a little sign saying Portraits £10. I ask her how much for this one. She says whatever I want to give. I ask her to sign the back of it, and date it.

I give her £10. She’s so happy. I ask her to please not spend it on spice.

It’s a beautiful drawing.

And she’s an artist, and an entrepreneur, just like me, and the CEO I was visiting. We’re all the same.

It’s a beautiful drawing.

Her name is Anne.

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EthicalMuch Admin on 28th January 2019 16:31:45

Yo that’s a nice drawing Bird. There’s something about art, when it’s good and right, for the right reasons, it levels us, doesn’t; it? Elevates or moves us to the same place, a place different to the strata of society, a place where the beggar and the businessman and the artist and the writer are all the same, no hierarchy. Good religious art does this for us, it reminds us of our equality in the eyes of God, perhaps? Humbles us. The drawing humbles us. It’s a beautiful artwork.

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