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20./ He didn’t ask for anything but I gave him a tenner.

By bird_lovegod | 18 February 19 03:51pm | Good Deeds

Yesterday was random act of kindness day apparently. It didn’t register until today that I hadn’t done anything for it. Then I remembered, actually, I had.

There’s a young man that sits and reads on the street in sheffield. He’s homeless, but he doesn’t beg. He just sits, with has bag, and blanket and sleeping stuff, and he reads. He’s well known.

Anyway, I was feeling rough, so I went into Sainsbury’s to buy some honey and cold medicine stuff. I asked the young man if he wanted or needed anything. He said no thanks. The honey they had was rubbish, so I didn’t get any, just a lemon. Anyway, as I walk out I go to the cash machine and got my money out for the pizza I’d ordered, and decided to get our man a tenner.

So I did, even though he didn’t ask for anything.

Perhaps because he didn’t ask for anything.

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