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21./ Sweets for a lost child

By bird_lovegod | 1 March 19 11:07am | Good Deeds

Walking into the supermarket, a chap begging by the door, just sitting there really, waiting for people to give, or offer something. I decide to ask what he wants.

Something sweet … some sweets …

I chat to the Lord. “One of your lost children Lord, wants some sweets.”

When you think of it like that, it’s impossible not to be moved. A lost child, and he wants some sweets.

I buy him a selection, and chat with him on the way out. He tells me his story, he used to work on concert rigs, PA systems, self employed, then he got ill, septic arthritis in his knee, was in hospital for some months, his landlord sold all his gear and he had no one to turn to, no friends, no family.

He eats his sweets. And tells me it’s heartbreaking, being homeless.

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