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22./ A tiny thing

By bird_lovegod | 5 March 19 01:42pm | Good Deeds

It’s nothing really, there was a bike toppled over on the pavement.

I decided to take a few seconds to pick it up. It was chained to the post so I just pulled it back upright.

My thoughts were for the person whose bike it was. I thought they would feel a bit sad if they found their bike like that. Also, it guess it was blocking the pavement.

Just a daft little kindness but why not.

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Editor on 5th March 2019 13:48:20

Hi Bird ... You know , the whole Universe is made of Tiny Things. :) You did a nice kindness there Bird, so we’re giving you a fiver, just because! Spend it however you like. Keep up the kindness... EM

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