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37./ Three small things equals one Good Deed?

By bird_lovegod | 2 May 19 02:03pm | Good Deeds

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I took a bag of the GF’s old clothes to the British Heart Foundation shop, gave my last snack bar to a guy begging, even though I was hungry, and propped up a bike that was chained to a post but had fallen over and was blocking the pavement a bit.

Three small acts of kindness = One Good Deed!

Can you donate £5 to Sheffield Mind please? The local one on Sharrow Lane?

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Editor on 2nd May 2019 16:15:17

Hello! Well let’s see ... Yes! We did the maths and three small acts of kindness do indeed equate to one Good Deed! That’s science. And indeed, the Mind Sheffield branch on Sharrow Lane have now received a £5 donation courtesy of our excellent business member Please do visit their website and share some love.

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