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38./ Is feeding the birds in Endcliffe Park a sufficiently Good Deed?

By bird_lovegod | 2 May 19 02:25pm | Good Deeds

Kindly supported by

I was in Tescos and saw a giant sack of bird feed for £3.

So I bought it and poured it out for the bird and creatures in Endcliffe Park, by the huge silver birch trees.

I’m not sure if this qualifies?

If it does … can you make a donation to a nice bird charity please?

EM Editor says: Yep. £5 donation to Friends of the Porter Valley has been Okayed. Big thanks to for sponsoring this avian themed Good Deed. We have contacted FOPV to enquire how to donate. See comments for progress. ???

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Editor on 2nd May 2019 16:23:31

We consider a Good Deed to be anything that adds value to the World, that benefits someone or something and makes life better. Feeding the birds counts. We’re looking into which local charities are best ... how about Friends of the Porter Valley? They help look after Endcliffe park as well..?

Bird Lovegod on 3rd May 2019 14:03:04

Yay!! That’s really cool! Please make a £5 donation to Friends of the Porter Valley! How brilliant :)

Editor on 3rd May 2019 14:13:12

Quick update ... We contacted FOPV to get the donation to them, maybe we’ll help them automate that as a Good Deed of our own :) ????? do they have giraffs in the Porter Valley?

Editor on 3rd May 2019 16:37:53

£5 Donation made. They do have a paypal link to donate, it’s for the Forge Dam campaign. Thanks everyone! Have a beautiful weekend :)

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