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41./ Like a night out in Sheffield….

By bird_lovegod | 16 May 19 09:55am | Good Deeds

Sponsor Pending ...

The guy was sitting with his recorder playing the Sheffield United anthem:

You fill up my senses,
Like a gallon of Magnet,
Like a packet of Woodbines,
Like a good pinch of snuff,
Like a night out in Sheffield,
Like a greasy chip butty,
Like Sheffield United,
Come fill me again
Na na na na na…Ooooohh!

So I bought him a big Mocha from Starbucks and got some water for his dog.

Can you give the £5 donation to some football for young people charity or something like that please? In Sheffield?


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Editor on 16th May 2019 14:53:16

Bird! Nice Good Deed ... we are in touch with Sheffield United Community Foundation and will donate a fiver to them , as well as finding out more about their great work and getting involved we hope! He’s one of our own....! ED

Editor on 24th May 2019 15:58:59

Update: We went to visit SUFC Foundation and will be writing about them in our forthcoming magazine! They tell us they cannot accept donations just yet but are creating a giving page and will let us know as soon as they do:)! To be continued ... they do amazing work by the way!

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