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42./ Human contact – and a meal too.

By REACH Homes CIC | 16 May 19 10:57am | Good Deeds

Kindly sponsored by Equiniti.

Met a homeless lady called Elaine while doing some exploring round architecture in Shoreditch yesterday. Survivor of serious domestic violence – head injuries to prove it – but so polite and humble. The meal deal was immediately shared with two other street people she was looking after but it was heartbreaking to hear her story. Next time you walk past a homeless person remember – that could be you, me, your child or parent. My £5 to Sheffield Tent City please.

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Editor on 16th May 2019 11:06:27

Hello Jon. Your Good Deed has moved hearts already, ours included. Showing kindness to those who are suffering and hurt is more than good, it’s somethow sacred, it’s proof of the existence of love and goodness, in a place and time where the opposite is more visible and apparent. Your kindness provided more than a meal, shared, it provided evidence of caring in a hard life, it was hope, and faith, and love that was given and shared. Keep doing Good. Persistence is Fertile. Much.

Editor on 16th May 2019 11:10:25

Update: Jon, we would love to honour the request to donate to Sheffield Tent City ... but we are unable to find a means to donate ... are they a charity, how do we donate please? As an alternative, we would be happy to use £5 to do a further good deed for a rough sleeper, or homeless or vulnerable person. Paying it forward, as it were... Blessings, Much.

Editor on 24th May 2019 15:54:46

Update: Hi Jon, many thanks and hope you’re having a great week. We couldn’t donate to Sheffield Tent City , we made a £5 donation to the Archer Project instead. Hope that’s ok! Have a great weekend and many thanks! ED.

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