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43./ If we feed one another, who then will go hungry?

By EMEditor | 16 May 19 03:25pm | Good Deeds

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Sitting in Union St cafe in Sheffield, a guy comes in, he’s sort of begging, it’s quite early in the morning, I don’t think he’s had any breakfast. He asks for a coffee and the kind manager gives him one to take away, he asks for some money for bus fare, we don’t give money, he asks for some food, anything you like mate, he chooses a sausage role.

Feed the hungry; sure, why not, why wouldn’t you?

Good Deed done, please give £5 to one of the Sponsored Children on the site, Rebecca. And tell her blessings please.

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Editor on 24th May 2019 15:57:18

Thank you, £5 is help on account for Rebecca, we can only transfer £10 or over, so when another £5 is donated we’ll complete the donation and let you know.

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