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44./ I’m a 32 not a 30. Must be all those pies. Then I thought about it:

By bird_lovegod | 20 May 19 07:56pm | Good Deeds

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I bought some jeans, from Primark, for a fiver, reduced from £8. I was convinced I’m a 30 waist. But low and behold, I’m not.

I went to take them back, sorry, no receipt, no return.

Oh well. I dropped them in to Oxfam shop in Brighouse. Still with all the labels on. That’s my good deed. Giving a pair of brand new jeans to a charity shop. But I feel a bit uncomfortable.

Hmmm can you make a £5 donation to … some charity that supports sweat shop workers? I mean, £8 for some jeans… maybe it’s not ethical to pay so little? I looked into it and found this charity, .

And also read this article on their website. Now my conscience is talking.

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Editor on 24th May 2019 15:56:27

Thank you for this good deed. Labour Behind the Label are having tech issues with their site , we’ll make a donation as soon as they have rectified it. Many thanks. Will keep you posted. Ed.

Editor on 17th June 2019 10:36:21

A donation of £5 has just been made, see confirmation email below: Dear Ethical, Welcome to Labour Behind the Label! Thank you for your support. Your contribution will enable us to support garment workers worldwide. Now a valued supporter you will receive our biannual action update which will keep you informed about our work through in-depth articles about the struggle for workers’ rights and information on our current activities and campaigns. If you have agreed, you will also receive our online newsletters and e-actions. Interested in campaigning? On our website you will be able to read about our latest campaigns and take action on the issues in the industry. We are always looking for activists to join our army and take action on the ground for garment workers. Interested in fundraising? To continue our work, vital funds are needed. Interested in taking part in our Six Items Challenge, putting on a clothes swap or taking in a sponsored challenge or run on behalf of Labour Behind the Label? Whatever your idea, take a look and get in touch! We would love to hear from you. Contact Caroline at [email protected] if you have any questions. Once again, thank you for your much needed and valued support. In solidarity, Caroline, Anna & Dominique Labour Behind the Label is an NGO supporting garment workers worldwide to defend their rights. We are a workers' co-operative and not-for-profit company registered in England, no. 04173634. Labour Behind the Label's charitable activities are funded by the Labour Behind the Label Trust, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1159356. Please visit our website at Donate to our cause at

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