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45./ Bought this iphone cover, it’s way too big, and sending it back to Amazon is too much hassle. I’ll donate it to a charity shop and call it a good deed instead.

By Sandra | 21 May 19 12:15pm | Good Deeds

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I’ve bought things on Amazon before, but this item was too big and sending it back seemed to involve a trip into town to find a return point. So then I thought, I’ll just gift it to a charity shop and call it a good deed.

Some OAP charity should benefit! Contact The Elderly seem nice and small and effective. Donate a fiver to them please! Thank you!

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Editor on 24th May 2019 15:48:46

Hello Sandra :) We just made a £5 donation to Contact The Elderly as requested. Thanks for the good deed :) Have a lovely day, ED.

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