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46./ Something for me. Apparently this can still be a good deed?

By bird_lovegod | 28 May 19 03:34pm | Good Deeds

Having considered the points raised in the recent post regarding ‘what is a good deed’ I’ve decided to test this out! So, I’m feeling a bit rough, I’ve been working all day, it’s half three. I’m planning on working this evening as well. So, my good deed, to myself, is to take myself off to the gym, and do some healthy activities for myself. This will include chilling out in the hot tub / sauna / steam room / swimming pool.

I seriously need it actually! My shoulders are aching and I’ve been working hard.

I found an amazing charity over the weekend, , they enable donations to be made to specific people facing homelessness, under the guidance and structure of a charity called Aspire, they’re based in Oxford. So yes, have a look please EM and donate £5 to the person on the site called CATHERINE.

Thanks. I’m off to the gym.

This Good Deed has been approved by the EM Editor and is kindly sponsored by

Equiniti Credit Services.

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Editor on 29th May 2019 15:09:56

£5 donated to Catherine. Life’s not too bad eh Bird. :) Editor PS Good Deed Reward heading your way as well.

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