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47./ We just sponsored another child. Here’s why.

By EMEditor | 29 May 19 02:41pm | Good Deeds

As part of our EthicalMuch busienss we sponsor children, through CompassionUK, a Christian charity.

Here’s the impact it has.

Every month we will sponsor another child.

Our most recent, a boy, from Togo, has been waiting 7 months for someone to sponsor him.

Today, or tomorrow, he’ll be told someone has reached out from England, to support him, and be his friend. We’ll write to him. As a member you can write to him as well.

We’ll be posting more about him in a few days, when we are able to create a profile for him on our Sponsored Children page. He joins Bright, from Ghana, and Rebecca, also from Ghana.

If you would like to help any of our sponsored children, it’s very easy.

  • Do a good deed.
  • Post it on the site.
  • Tell us in the post which of our children you’d like to send £5 to.

We will transfer the money.

100% of it goes to them. (Minus bank fees – around 20p)

We’re in it for life.

You can also sponsor children yourself. Visit

Please note: The image shown is from the Compassion UK site and is not one of our own sponsored children. We don’t show their photos on the Ethical Much site to maintain their privacy and security. But we do carry their photos in our wallets and hearts.


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Bird Lovegod on 30th May 2019 21:38:18

This is a good deed by the company Ethicl Much right... :) So that means there’s a £5 donation to be made?!

Editor on 17th June 2019 10:39:05

Quite right! Let’s make a £5 donation to the latest sponsored child, Alaza. Donations must be over £10, so when there’s another Good Deed for him, we’ll transfer £10!

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