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60./ The kind beef burger

By bird_lovegod | 3 July 19 10:09am | Good Deeds

It was last weekend, the sun had been shining and everyone was cooking BBQ suppers. Mostly anyway. My and my lovely girlfriend were at hers in the garden, with a disposable BBQ, we cooked our three burgers on it quite nicely. The neighbours on the left were just starting to make one of their own. But the neighbours at the bottom of the garden didn’t have one, they were sat drinking and chatting and the kids were playing. One of the blokes called over and joked about bringing them supper.

When we’d cooked our burgers, there was one left, uncooked, so we put in on the BBQ, and gave the BBQ, and the burger, and a buttered bread bun, to them. Just a little thing, but I just didn’t want them to feel left out.

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