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61./ She saved a guy from getting allergic food poisoning!

By bird_lovegod | 3 July 19 07:12pm | Good Deeds

I was behind a guy at the canteen at the University, he couldn’t eat vinegar, he was allergic to it. I was chatting with him about it, he thinks it’s something to do with gut bacteria. He was being very diligent in checking the ingredients of everything on offer.

He got a lamb kebab and chips and salad. Then at the end, poured a yogurt and mint sauce on it. He went off and paid. Quite happy.

The serving lady saw him pouring sauce, and went to get the bottle. Indeed, one of the ingredients was acetic acid.

Acetic acid. Vinegar! Ahhhh!

!! She ran after him and made him a new dinner.

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