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62./ I saved a life.

By bird_lovegod | 3 July 19 07:31pm | Good Deeds

My girlfriend phoned me as I was cycling through the park. I got off my bike and stood by the river, watching the ripples, and chatting.

I saw a little hover fly, or maybe a wasp, struggling in the current, being washed downstream. I tossed a few sticks and leaves in to see if he could climb on, but no.

Still on the phone, I nearly fell in. Then I lost sight of the fly, then saw him again.

I walked a few meters downstream and there were some stepping stones. I walked to the middle, and carefully balanced and waited, hoping the fly would be in reach.

He just was, and before the current took him over the little waterfall and to his end, I plucked him from the water.

And put him on a leaf to dry.

I like saving the lives of little creatures, when I can. It’s their day in the garden, and I want them to enjoy it for as long as they can. And they’re never too small.

I was thinking afterwards, in many ways, perhaps in every way, I’m closer to that fly than I am to God. The size difference, I mean. And in terms of size, and intelligence, and everything else. And it made me laugh. Because God cares enough to care for me.

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