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63./ My spontaneous good deed.

By Lu-does-good | 10 July 19 10:31am | Good Deeds

Was in a local charity shop this week buying an outfit I’d seen in the window. The lady in front of me was wanting to buy a table set (whole bunch of plates, bowls) they had been reduced even more and were down to £2.30. This lady barely spoke any English and pulled out a handful of change to pay for it. She was about 15p short and the shop worker refused to let her have them. I thought this was so unkind and degrading to this lady. She looked so embarrassed she didn’t have the money and could see she desperately wanted this set. So I stepped in and said to add the cost of those plates onto my bill and I’d pay for them. She was so happy and grateful.

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Bird Lovegod on 10th July 2019 10:34:38

Hark?! That was a lovely kind thing to do Lu! I bet that lady thinks of your kindness every time she uses the set and they will be even more special to her now. Thank you for your goodness.

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