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64./ Every lad should have a Scalextric says the nostalgia in my head.

By bird_lovegod | 10 July 19 12:32pm | Good Deeds

Iā€™m probably not wrong though. I remember having Scalextric, building tracks around my bedroom, gluing airgun pellets to the wheels to make the cars more exciting, creating ramps and trying to make not quite fitting pieces stay together. And going to the model shop on Saturday with my dad to buy a few bits of second hand track. And a green race car, and the stock cars that could 180 if you span them right, and a gold and silver Porche with working headlights.

So when I saw this box set in a charity shop for a tenner I thought I should buy it for a 7 year old lad, son of my girlfriends friend.

Might have to have a go myself tho šŸ™‚

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