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65./ Paid a library fine.

By bird_lovegod | 12 July 19 12:26pm | Good Deeds

I was in the library, decided on a book about Alan Turning, after having watched a film of his life and work, and it transpired I owed £2.50 or something. The lady said I didn’t have to pay it there and then, and I was going to leave it, but thought again at the ethics of it and decided to pay.

Also took a photo of the ethics section.

Apparently the most disappeared books are then on angels and social justice, or some such.

Thinking about Alan Turning, his creation, a machine, the first ‘digital computer’ as far as I’m aware, and the initiation of the entire field of computer science, was epic, in terms of life’s work. Plus the fact he saved around 14 million lives according to historians, by shortening the war by two years. But who can say, perhaps in those two years, the Nazis would’ve developed a nuclear bomb, and the war would’ve had a very different outcome. I don’t trust historians linear approach to determining consequence. As Alan showed, a single man, thinking in an different way to the norm, can change the course of an entire species.

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