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58./ I saved a life.

By bird_lovegod | 27 June 19 01:37pm | Good Deeds

I was driving to Leeds and one the other side of the road was a bird, a young wood pigeon or dove. He was moving a bit, sitting upright, in the middle of the opposite lane. I jumped on the brakes, and went to do a U turn to go and get him. A car was coming in the opposite direction, I waited, the car missed him, and I turned round and pulled over in front of him, hazards on.

I picked him up, he was bleeding, he’s lost a few feathers, and he struggled a bit, but I calmed him down and held tightly onto him. I carried him to my car, and opened the glove box, taking out the stuff in there. I put him on a fluffy glove, used for cleaning the windows, and het sat there. He was a bit frightened, to begin with, but he settled down when I put the music on.

I was very moved. He’s only a young bird, his life just beginning, and it was nearly over. If I hadn’t picked him up, he would’ve been killed in the next few moments.

I saved his life, and I’ll look after him from now on.

I saved a life today.

Later that day, I was making a nest for him, in the boot of the car, and he hopped to the edge of the boot, and looked at me, then he flapped his wings and he flew up into a tree in the park. He sat there, until the next morning, when he flew off to explore his new life.

I hope I see him again one day.

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