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15./ Simple kindness leads to more.

By bird_lovegod | 25 January 19 10:33am | Good Deeds

Really simple little good deed I received…

I parked my bike up in town, and did ten minutes shopping. Walking back to my bike, I noticed a couple of lads, also on bikes, go over to mine.

What’s he doing, I thought.

One of the lads reached out to my bike light.

And switched it off to save the battery.

I thanked him, and exchanged God bless yous.

A very small thing to have done, but very kind, and thoughtful.

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EthicalMuch Admin on 28th January 2019 15:34:41

This reminds us , thanks for sharing the Good Deeds you recieve as well as those you do ! It’s a nice one Bird. Nicely told.

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