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16./ Five minutes later I get asked to buy of hot drink for a homeless chap.

By bird_lovegod | 25 January 19 10:43am | Good Deeds

… After the kind lads and the bike light, I was feeling like my faith in humanity was being somewhat restored. So when a few moments later a lad came over and asked for a hot drink, of course I said yes.

I suggested Costa, but he wanted one from Greggs, I asked his name, Shaun. So I buy him a hot chocolate, and give him a fiver , even though he didn’t ask for money, I knew he needed it, and I wanted to save him having to ask.

He told me he was beaten up in the subway a few nights ago, and his stuff thrown in the river that runs past the shops.

Maybe I restored his faith in humanity a bit too.

God Bless.

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EthicalMuch Admin on 28th January 2019 15:28:22

That’s kind Bird, nicely done :) Sometimes it’s just the act of kindness that counts, as you know. Would you like us to refund the hot chocolate cost to your EM account? ( we don’t refund cash donations ) ? Let us know here in the comments if you’d like the hot chocolate covering though, and how much it cost... Thanks dude. And we hope Shaun finds someplace to live, and a reason for hope ...

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