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14./ Hot choclate for a broken nose. It’s all I could do.

By bird_lovegod | 9 January 19 08:09pm | Good Deeds

I was in town…loads of beggars and homeless people…one guy was outside cafe Nero’s, wrapped in a sleeping bag, I went over and chatted, I think bought him a McDonald’s before now.

He looked rough, eyes red and possibly so from heroin, pupils small, nose freshly broken, from just a few moments before. Swollen and bloodied.

Someone just broke my nose he says. I agree. I suggest he goes to hospital, more for the warmth and comfort than anything. He says there’s nothing wrong, I say he has a broken nose, he says that’s nothing.

I buy him a hot chocolate. Just a bit of comfort. He has such a hard life. What can I do?

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EthicalMuch Admin on 28th January 2019 15:32:47

You did what you could Bird. Sounds like the chap you helped really needs more support ... keep an eye out for him, and perhaps try to guide him towards some of the support services in Sheffield if you can... there’s quite a few, have a look at this one... Let us know if you’d like the cost of the drink refunding. We know it probably doesn’t matter to you.

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