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11./ A Balti fit for a King

By bird_lovegod | 7 January 19 08:30pm | Good Deeds

So I was in Broomhill in Sheffield about to get my hair cut and buy a few bits and bats and I saw that Balti King do a three course lunch for £6.50. I was quite tempted, but thought to get my haircut first. Then this basically drunk beggar type of character comes up to me. I brushed him away, as you do, I knew he wanted money for booze. Then I actually caught what he was saying, he wanted an onion bhaji. Anyway, I’m one of those fools who find it easier to pay for someone else to have a three course meal than to treat themselves to one.

So I did. And the guys in the restaurant were kind. Really kind. And I felt good about it, and I’ll treat myself another time.

Then went for a haircut and came out looking like Kevin Keegan. And my girlfriend scowled at me. The end.

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EthicalMuch Admin on 7th January 2019 20:32:51

Ha! Nice one Bird, no doubt Matt Goss from Bros would appreciate you looking after one of his Kings like this as well. We’re refunding you £6.50 for the curry. And next time buy one for yourself mate. PS Do you need us to pay for a decent haircut for ya?! Tuff. :)

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