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26./ Loving these Good deeds! What do you think to this batch?

By bird_lovegod | 27 March 19 01:08pm | Good Deeds

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I’m really getting into doing these today. I’ve been doing lots of little things, then thinking, that’s not enough for a reward, so I do another, and another… Here’s where I’m up to so far:

Yesterday I picked up a copy of the Yorkshire Post (because I had an article in it) and whilst in the shop / newsagent / postoffice on Sharrowvale road I bought 3 vegetable samosas. These are the best samosas in Sheffield, it is known, home made by the wife of the chap who serves at the counter.

Went to Nuffield Gym where I work from sometimes and after a bit of writing I offered a samosa to one of the girls that works in the Costa there. (She came up to me today, the day after, and confirmed they are indeed amazing and she want’s some brining every Tuesday!) That was Good Deed number one. A gifted samosa. A nice thing, but too small to qualify by my own standards.

Did my work, went to the gym, sat in the hot tub, cycled home. Picked up various bits of plastic litter in Endclife park. Again, too small by my reckoning to qualify for a reward.

That was yesterday.

Today, went into town to buy my GF a replacement hat, discovered they had been reduced to £1, bought her three. Best Boyfriend Ever.

Got chatting to a fundraiser for Oxfam, ( the girl in the photo ) she told me all about the cyclone and disaster in Mozambique. I would’ve given a text donation but a./ They wanted £10 or more and that was a bit much and b./ I’ve blocked all premium numbers on my phone so I couldn’t donate anyway. However, I told her about EM and said I’d donate my £5 reward to Oxfam today.

Saw a Big Issue seller, got a tenner out, bought a magazine and had a little chat with him. He’s new to Sheffield, moved up from London Fields where I used to live. Nice guy.

Walked past a flower stall on the Moor, they had daffodils at £1 a bunch. Bought two bunches, gave one to the elderly lady next to me and wished her happy Easter.

That’s my latest batch. Reward well earned, go on, donate it to the Mozambique disaster fund please.

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Editor on 27th March 2019 14:21:58

Birdman! Good works dude, many much good deeds! Especially like the giving flowers, that was spontaneous. It’s interesting how you’re self determining what you think deserves a reward.. bet you’re finding it’s really self rewarding just doing them, right! Thanks for the litter picking, that’s a really community spirited thing to do. We’ll donate the £5 to the Oxfam cyclone Idai appeal, as you request. See if that Big Issue seller wants to get involved in some way maybe? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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