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25./ Litter picking… does that get me a Mystery Reward for every time I walk through the park?

By bird_lovegod | 25 March 19 07:39pm | Good Deeds

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I’ve decided to pick up bits of litter as I walk or cycle through the park. Plastic wrappers and plastic pots and stuff like that. I love the parks, the green spaces, the nature, the ducks the squirrels and creatures. I once saw a family of stoats.

So I decided to pick up litter as I go along. Not all of it necessarily, just the bits that catch my eye.

Picking up litter isn’t cool or glamourous, it’s one of those good deeds we could all do it but basically none of us do. It benefits everyone, but it’s very easy to leave it for someone else. Well I’m that someone else, today at least.

So every time I see some litter as I cycle through green spaces I’ll pick it up, as long as it’s not too unhygienic! And I’ll bin it.

I think I should treat myself to a mystery reward please… means I’m incentivised!

Every time I pick up litter it’s adding up to a treat!

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Editor on 25th March 2019 19:46:12

Mate, this is what EM is about. Let’s be fair, non of us like picking up litter. Yet we all like places to look nice and clean. Councils have had cleaning budgets cut, and so on and so on. You’re taking responsibility for doing a job that it’s normal for people to get paid for. So yes mate, happy to give you those Mystery Rewards, you deserve them! Good for you mate. Thank you, from all of us, for doing your bit. And thanks also to for sponsoring these Good Deeds. Muchos.

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