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27./ Luncheon.

By Max | 27 March 19 01:45pm | Good Deeds

Kindly supported by …

Is it a Good Deed to buy a friend lunch?

It’s a £4.45 lunch. He’s a deserving case.

Can I have my £5 reward donated to charity please? Sheffield Children’s Hospital?

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Editor on 27th March 2019 14:08:08

Hello Richard. Free lunch! Goodness me, whatever next. Looks like a nice brace of sandwiches! Friends are important and if we can help you say thank you to yours, that’s cool. Go on, why not, we’re donating a fiver to Sheffield Children’s Hospital, we have to call or email for a reference. Doing it now. Have a super day :) EM

Editor on 27th March 2019 14:35:25

Just letting you know, we’ve sent the £5 and are hoping to work more closely with SCH in the future to help them raise more funds and more awareness. EM

Editor on 8th April 2019 11:59:09

Yo Rich... ?????? here’s six of your five a day! Have a great week and keep those kindlynesses rolling...

Bird Lovegod on 7th May 2019 12:19:34

Yo Rich... Hope you’re having a good day:) Stay cool. B

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