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28./ Celebrate… whatever the result of the Brexit shower!

By bird_lovegod | 3 April 19 03:51pm | Good Deeds

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I was in town yesterday, happened to pop into a newsagent, they had these chocolates for £1.

Can’t resist a bargain, bought them, deliberately for a good deed, thought I’d probably give them to someone begging, I’ve stopped giving them cash since watching that programme on C4, 60 days on the streets.

I couldn’t see anyone in need, and my bus was arriving, so I thought OK I’ll give them to the bus driver, they probably don’t get appreciated very often, or even acknowledged. I offered them, it made the lady bus driver smile, but she told me she already had loads of chocolate stashed.

An elderly chap sitting near the door said he’d like one. So I gave him the box. He was really chuffed. I sat down, then moved seats, to be near him, because I figured maybe he’d appreciate a chat.

Five seconds later we’re talking Brexit. He’s all for leaving with a no deal, I’m suggesting that might not be the best option. We debate, in a friendly way, and because of the gift of the chocolates, it’s amicable, human, we’re friends, brothers, countrymen, even if our politics differ.

I thought about it when he got off the bus. Brexit has divided us so much. We’ve lost sight of the humanity of each other. Brexit isn’t what matters. Being kind to one another will see us through anything. And everything.

Send me a Mystery Reward in the post please! Life is like a box of chocolates…

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Editor on 8th April 2019 11:56:54

Happy days! This Brexit scenario surely is coming in to land soon?! And you’re right, it’s been stealing our oxygen for too long and making us forget we’re actually all on the same side!! ? Doh. We’re posting you a Mystery Suprise ... just got to get the last of these tropical fish into the envelope! ? ?????? Biggup thanks to for sponsoring this happy event! PS We are actually posting you something nice! X

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