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29./ I felt the guy was hungry so I asked him …

By bird_lovegod | 3 April 19 05:00pm | Good Deeds

Kindly Sponsored by…

Quick one coz I’m in tescos … felt that the guy begging outside Marie Curie on Eccy road was in need of a good deed… asked him if he wanted a snack … he wants strawberry milk.

Here you go :)? bought him a bottle.

Please make donation of £5 to Marie Curie please 🙂


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Editor on 8th April 2019 11:52:57

That was quick and painless ! Sometimes it’s easy to do these small Good Deeds, sometimes it more like we just need to stop not doing them! ? Making that donation to Marie Curie for you, thanks again to for sponsoring this Good Deed. ?

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