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30./ Lovely opportunity to do a Good Deed for some friendly girls in a charity shop!

By bird_lovegod | 9 April 19 01:07pm | Good Deeds

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I was in the Marie Curie shop on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield and these two girls were doing some shopping, they’re sisters. They wanted to buy a top, but didn’t have the money, so they were going to go and get some from their mum, probably shopping in Tesco next door. I saw the opportunity to do a Good Deed for them, so I asked if I could buy the top for them as a Good Deed.

They were really pleased and were happy for me to take a photo of them. I gave them a postit note with written on it, and my name, so they can have a look.

They said they were going to do a dance or performance for thier mum I think, and this was part of the outfit. I think it just makes the whole experience more brilliant, for them, and for me, and for all of us. 

? £5 donated to Marie Curie: This Good Deed was made possible by A Creative Marketing and Communications Agency.

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Editor on 9th April 2019 13:24:56

Lovely spontaneous Good Deed BIrd! :) Bet those girls were thrilled! Please note: Whilst you provided a photo of the girls, with their permission, as they are under 16 we have replaced it with a stock photo. This is in accordance with our privacy and child protection policies. Thanks again Bird, keep up to super fantastic work! PS As you didn’t specify your reward we’re sending you a MYSTERY ONE in the post! X

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