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31./ Last week I gave a samosa to the gym girl and she asked for one next week… Today I had one left and it’s hers! Noooo!

By bird_lovegod | 9 April 19 01:42pm | Good Deeds

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So yes, on Tuesdays I buy the Yorkshire Post from the local Post Office and treat myself to a couple or three of the best samosas in Sheffield which they happen to sell.

I gave one to a chap begging on the street, they’re really nice samosa.

Then remembered … Arrrhhh! I’d told one of the girls at the gym I’d bring her one for her lunch! ( See a previous Good Deed by me! )

So I gave the gym girl my last and only samosa!

A true sacrifice!

Sobbing here. ?

Can I have a Mystery Reward please to mop up the tears with???

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Editor on 9th April 2019 13:54:51

Bird, dry those eyes! ? ! Maybe we’ll send you a packet of tissues as a Mystery Reward?!?!

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