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619 to 622. Four of a kind

By bird_lovegod | 20 December 21 02:25pm | Good Deeds

Four deliveries, it’s getting near to Christmas, so trying to make sure everyone has a bit of extra shopping. These four are kind of regular irregulars, they phone up intermittently, sometimes at late notice, they have what you might call slightly unorganised lives 🙂

Everyone who asks receives though. I don’t think EthicalMuch has ever turned anyone away. I took one guy off the list for a couple of months because he was clearly using hard drugs and I didn’t want to subsidise that lifestyle choice, but he seems to have sorted himself out a bit now so I’m ok with him again. There’s just one guy, actually, that I’ve taken off the list on a semi permanent basis, and that’s for coercive control and domestic abuse of his partner over a sustained period of time. Basically had enough of him. Would that his partner would come to the same conclusion. She’s still more than welcome to call on EM, of course, and if ever she leaves him, we’ll make sure she has everything she needs in terms of home necessities, clothes, food, bedding, and so on. We’ve given her the number to call, for sheltered accommodation, and women refuges, and all that support, but she has to make that call, we can’t do it for her. I tried, and phoned, and they said she has to do that for herself. Hope she does. I’ll leave it there. There’s a photo missing … I know.

£27.17 + £26.38 + £25.32 + £27.96 = £106.83 from subscriber fund

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