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623. A new microwave and a big tescos shop

By bird_lovegod | 20 December 21 03:52pm | Good Deeds

The lady of the household told me their microwave had broken, and they’d been looking in skips for a replacement. A new microwave costs upwards of £40, which isn’t a lot of money, unless you don’t have that kind of money, spare, ever. So as their Christmas present we bought them a microwave from Tesco, £45.

Thank you to Regina and Marc for their donation, which funded it.

Also got them a nice lad of shopping whilst there. Definitely not as cheap as Aldi though. Mind you, the slow cookers were a bargain, £14 each, bought the last two. For some other guys.

£45 from Regina and Marc for the microwave, £44.30 from subscriber fund for the food.

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