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323. Support for a local artist

By bird_lovegod | 9 November 20 01:59pm | Good Deeds

Another new person to help, again, he had one of our cards for months before reaching out. It was late on Friday, and the queue at Aldi was stretching around the carpark, so I went to Waitrose and spent at least 2x as much as it would’ve cost! But he was in need, and money is for helping people. He’s an artist, a painter, but he can’t do anything because he doesn’t have any materials. I had the idea to ask on Nextdoor App for any art supplies for him, and quite a few people said yes, and I’ll be collecting those and delivering them to him. Also, thought to put some of the paintings he does in the magazine. Perhaps the ones from people who have already asked for a commission. Helping him to be able to paint, and even earn a little money from it. Big impact, for an artist.

£25.59 funded by Ursula, Waitrose prices! 🙂

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