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174./ Duvet and bedding delivered

By EMEditor | 7 May 20 11:07am | Good Deeds

This is the chap who asked for the bedding, it’s great that his request led to another 3 people receiving new bedding, just today, and more to come.

He also said he would appreciate any DVDs … I’m sure if we put that request out we’d be inundated, will do that next week. You might think DVDs are redundant in the days of Netflix and Sky and subscription services. But for many people, they don’t even have wifi. Nor do they have smart phones. And now all the libraries and so on are closed, there’s no way for them to access any online services at all. Including this website even. That’s why it’s so necessary for us to reach out to people using simple cards through letter boxes, with a number they can call or text.

Then when we deliver the food, or bedding, we chat, and find out what else we can do to serve. At the point of need it’s a service that’s low technology, and high humanity.

This bedding, mixed and matched to best suit our clients, was donated by: PatAnnUrsula, and Lisa. Thank you very very Much!

UPDATE: Regarding gifting of bedding and other items. Please see this page of our website: DONATE AND GIVE to understand what can be gifted and how we keep people safe.

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