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Thank you for supporting people through our system. 100% of your donation will be used at point of need.

Please note:

If you are a SUBSCRIBER we will inform you of exactly how we use your donation. You will receive a text telling you which number Good Deed /s you made happen and a link to them here on the site.

If you are not a subscriber we will still use 100% of your donation at point of need but sorry we are unable to give you an itemised notification of exactly who and how.

WAY NUMBER ONE: Donate HERE on our GoFundMe page. Please note, there is a commission taken by GoFundMe.

WAY NUMBER TWO: Transfer directly to our Good Deed fund account. (This is quicker, and there’s no fees taken.) Our Good Deed Fund account details are: EthicalMuch Sort Code 23 – 69 – 72 Account Number 17333893

Please note: Our banking is through a platform called TIDE, operated by Prepaid Technologies Ltd. You may see that name on the transfer instead of EthicalMuch. That’s Ok.

SUBSCRIBE and Change Lives

As a subscriber you are co creating a World where more and more good deeds and kindness happens every single day.

Even if you just subscribe and do nothing else, you are supporting the platform, covering running costs, contributing to the Good Deed fund, and enabling 100% of donations to be used at point of need.

Be part of a community that is literally changing the World, one Good Deed at a time.

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