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We notify you every time some of your donation is used, and tell you which Good Deed you funded. It’s as personal as that.

WAY NUMBER ONE: Donate HERE on our GoFundMe page

WAY NUMBER TWO:Transfer directly to our Good Deed fund account. (This is quicker, and there’s no fees taken.) Our Good Deed Fund account details are: EthicalMuch Sort Code 23 – 69 – 72 Account Number 17333893

Please email [email protected] so we can let you know how your donation is used.


Subscribing is an exciting thing to do. It means you can post on to the site, and send in articles for our magazine! Anything good and uplifting, news, views, art, stories, poems, and of course, Good Deeds. If you’re an ethical business, large or small, you can also sell via our magazine. Being a trusted member also means you can use the Good Deed Fund to do acts of kindness with. For example, you can buy a homeless person a meal, or a pair of shoes, or any other acts of kindness, and claim back the money. You become an EthicalMuch Good Deeder 🙂 and you’ll soon get addicted to it.

As a member, you are co creating a World where more and more good deeds and kindness happens every single day.

And as a member, even if you just join and do nothing, you are supporting the platform, covering running costs, and enabling 100% of donations to be used at point of need.

If you really want to make a difference, join, and be part of a community that is literally changing the World, one Good Deed at a time.