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116./ More shopping for more people…

By bird_lovegod | 9 April 20 12:05pm | Good Deeds

In the interests of value for money I decided Aldi would be better than Waitrose for the next order, and even as I was on my way there another one came in! Yikes… It’s going viral already!

So, Aldi, I try to shop for the two orders at the same time, getting them pretty much identical ish food. I had a bit of an issue over the spatchcock chickens, should I get them one each? I know the two orders are friends and neighbours… hmmm. So I’m running round and once again buying too much, wanting them to have nice things, again, getting fresh food as well as tins, bread, butter, tuna, sweet potato, carrots, frankfurter sausages, brioche rolls, diced beef, sweetcorn, toilet rolls, and the spatchcock chicken! Plus tins of peas and soups… basically enough food to last a week, plus milk, fresh orange juice, ravioli.. bananas… enough already. More than enough as it happens.

I can’t carry it all… There’s 4 bags in total, 2 from this Good deed and two for next one… and I’m on my bike… I only came out to deliver leaflets I didn’t think it would kick off straight away…


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Editor on 9th April 2020 16:33:28

Ahhh this is interesting ... seems like there are people in need and I'm guessing a lot of them don't really have internet access and are just about getting by and surviving. It must also be nice for them to know that someone cares.

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