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115./ Shopping bought and delivered

By bird_lovegod | 9 April 20 11:30am | Good Deeds

I honestly didn’t know if people would respond to the postcards I was putting through letterboxes, offering a free food parcel. I’d delivered about 60 when the orders started to come in. I was really excited, my first customer!

So I took the order over the phone, and wrote down a list on a piece of paper and a pen borrowed from the lottery terminal in the petrol station. (Memo to self… include pen and paper in bag for next time.)

The lady was in a sheltered accommodation block and wanted some fresh food. I prompted her with a few suggestions, and we settled on a list including:

Spinach, braising steak, stock cubes, cheese, a chicken, onions, stuffing, green beans, a pizza, and some chocolate and puddings.

I was across the road from Waitrose, so went and did the shopping, which came to 2 x the intended budget, but I kept wanting to add things, and get her nice brands, and treats, and as it was my first order I was a bit excited to worry about the cost. So I didn’t mind. As I was packing them, another order came in… Ahh. here we go. Let’s do this one first.

I carried the shopping over to the housing block and delivered it to her, taking all social distancing measures into account of course.

Job done… Onto the next.

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Editor on 9th April 2020 16:35:37

Good job you only posted 60 cards not 600 or 6000... Goes to show just how many people are in need of help and could do with extra support.

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