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114./ An hours litter picking in the park

By bird_lovegod | 7 April 20 06:44pm | Good Deeds

Thought I might do a spot of litter picking. Took a bag and some rubber gloves, wandered through the park.

Must’ve found about 100 pieces in total. Binned them when I got home.

Did from half five to about half six.

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Editor on 7th April 2020 18:51:00

Good work. Important work. Especially in the coming days and months and years. Local councils are surely going to have (even) less money for the likes of park maintenance and litter picking. Why should the council use tax payers money to do a job that we can all do and earn a few quid from? Speaking of which ... How about we send you £8 as a reward? Ay, £8 seems like a nice reward. Well done. ED.

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