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113./ Saved the life of a mouse.

By bird_lovegod | 7 April 20 03:23pm | Good Deeds

Charlie cat brought a mouse into the house, let it go, and spent a happy hour hunting it. I tried to rescue it, but it bit my finger. Actual blood did come out.

So I put a few humane mouse traps down and waited. Eventually Charlie chased it into the front room, or carried it there, in his mouth. I found it hiding in a Primark bag that Charlie likes to sit in.

Carried it out and set it free in the park.

What a day for a mouse.

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Editor on 7th April 2020 15:33:01

EEEEK! Nicely done Bird... a Bird ... saving the life of a MOUSE... from a CAT. It's the circle of life Simba. We like this Good Deed so Bird, we are sending you ... £2? ... no, make it £3 because you got bitten by a mouse. £3 coming your way Bird!

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